AWA Fab Lab
  Populating the Proto Board

   The proto board comes with the LM358 op-amp already installed.

Base Layer

   First install the jumpers as shown:
   You will be using bare tinned copper wire for the jumpers.
   The jumpers on the illustration are shown in color to indicate their function:
   RED indicates positive 9 volt power jumpers.
   GREEN indicates negative 9 volt power and ground jumpers.
   YELLOW indicates signal level jumpers.

Jumper Layer

   Next install the resistors as shown.
   Resistors R1 and R3 are installed vertically.
   Resistors R2 and R4 are installed horizontally.

Resistor Layer

   Next install the capacitors as shown.
   Capacitor C7 is a polarized electrolytic capacitor and must be installed with the negative lead in Row 11.

Capacitor Layer

   The completed proto board:

Completed Proto BoardCompleted Proto Board;

   Here's the schematic diagram for the crystal set.

Schematic Diagram